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How To Find The Right Truck Size For Moving?

Which truck size should I book for moving? What type of truck will be available? Are you tired of thinking all of this? We have perfect solutions to your problems. We know it is one of the most frustrating questions on your mind if you are planning to move. Wait! Wait! Wait! Are you stressing about packing? Also, where should you start? We’ve got you. Om International Movers and Packers will take care of all your belongings from head to toe. If you’ve decided to work with professionals, you’re making a careful and wise choice. Our team at Om International Movers and Packers is dedicated to ensuring a smooth execution of your moving day, bringing our expertise to every aspect of the process.

Furthermore, estimating the precise amount that your furniture, appliances, boxes and other items will occupy may be challenging. Obviously, it would be hectic for an individual to see all the conveniently located objects in your home while moving. You relax and cheer; Om International Movers & Packers is near! We will take you step-by-step through determining the ideal moving truck type near you for your upcoming move. 

Find Your Truck Size in India-

The below chart will help you to get the correct size of truck according to your needs-





Top Choices

Tata ACE, Pickup, Truck 407.

Canter truck, Long Platform Truck (LPT), LCV, and DCM.

20 ft Container, 22 ft Truck Taurus, 24 ft  Container.


7 to 9 feet.

14 to 19 feet.

24 to 32 feet, SxL & MxL.

Best for

Transport various types of cargo within the city.

Best suited for moving a home with two or three bedrooms.

Best for 3 to 5 BHK homes.

Ideal for

Relocating studio apartments.

Transporting Home items, relocating workplaces & handling industrial moves.

Transporting home items, relocating workplaces, Industrial relocation.


Accommodates belongings from 1 to 2 rooms.

Accommodate belongings from 3-4 rooms.

Accommodate belongings from 3-5 rooms.

Maximum Load capacity

600 kg to 2000 kg.

4000 kg to 9000 kg.

7000 to 14000

Benefits of Choosing the right size of truck

  • Safety: The right truck size provides safe handling and braking capabilities. An overloaded truck can be dangerous, which leads to accidents, while an underloaded truck can cause items to shift, which increases the risk of damage.
  • Time-saving: The correct size will help you move smoothly to the destination during long distances.
  • Cost-effective: Avoids unnecessary fuel and rental expenses while choosing the right truck size.
  • Optimal use of space: Correct truck size prevents overpacking, which means less space utilization.

Tips for a Smooth Moving Experience

  • Booking your truck early helps guarantee availability and can provide better rental rates.
  • Remember to inspect the truck thoroughly before signing any rental agreement. 
  • To avoid delay, fines, or other complications, get the necessary permits and documents by checking local area rules and regulations before you move.
  • Always go for companies that provide insurance if any damage happens, like Om International Packers & Movers.
  • Arrange additional help for loading and unloading if needed to make the move easier and save time & effort.

To Conclude

By Following the above guidelines, you can get a smooth and efficient moving experience with the help of Om International Movers & Packers. Whenever you plan to move, consider important points like packing oversized itemsmoving packing listscostly itemstransporting your vehicle, etc. These will help you move smoothly without causing stress and harm to your body. To find professional movers and Packers, contact us. Boxes, bubble wrap and a lot of hustle—we’re always ready to move you!


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