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How To Pack a Television for Moving Without the Original Box


As if packing up all your stuff and lugging it across town or across the country isn't annoying enough, you also have to worry about properly packing your beloved TV so it doesn't end up cracked and busted by the time you unpack it.  

We know it's not cool. But don't worry. Packing your TV for a move doesn't have to be a total pain in the glass. Just follow this simple guide on how to pack a TV for moving when you set it up in your new place.

Size Up the Situation  

1. Before you start wrapping up your flat screen with the utmost care, you need to assess exactly what you're working with. 

2. Measure your TV screen diagonally to determine the size. This decides how big of a box you need.

3. Note what kind of connections are on the back - HDMI, power cord, etc. Make sure all those are unhooked before moving time.

4. Check if the stand or mount comes off. It's easier to pack it separately.

5. Inspect the screen for any chips or cracks. Photograph any prior damage before packing your TV for moving so you can't be blamed for mover mishaps!

Gather Your Materials

You can't contain a TV without the proper tools, right? So, before packing your TV, make sure you have:

- A box at least 2 inches bigger than your TV on all sides - pick one up from a hardware store, or if you're a hardcore recycler, scope out appliance stores for a used one. 

- Bubble wrap - you can never have enough of this magical padding. Wrap the TV correctly.

- Foam sheets or packing peanuts to fill empty space. Make sure your TV is nestled nicely.

- Packing tape to seal it up tight. 

- A hand truck and moving straps to actually lift the thing. Safety first!

Packing the Television For Move

When packing Your TV:

- Wrap cables separately so they don't tug on ports during moving. Tie them neatly to keep those wires wrangle-free.

- Detach any removable stands and wrap them individually

- Fully enclose the TV in a bubble wrap, covering the entire surface. Wrap it up tight so it won't shake during the move.

- Place the wrapped TV in the center of the box and fill empty spaces with packing materials. 

- Tape the box securely shut on all openings. Make sure your TV box is secure enough. 

Lift and Haul With Care

Because TVs are expensive and delicate items, you have to put them into the truck smartly.

- Use straps and hand trucks to avoid dropping. Carefully tip that box onto the dolly. 

- Set the box vertically, never laying the TV flat. We want to keep that screen looking good!

- Pad the truck so boxes don't slide and smash during transit. Buckle it up for safety!

Unpack With Care

When you successfully moved your beloved TV across town, now it's time to make your TV feel at home by:

- Unboxing gently, not tearing into the package in a hurry. Carefully cut the tape and unwrap it.

- Inspect the packaging closely for new damage before discarding it. Photograph any shipping scars for insurance claims.  

- Reattaching the stand once the TV is safely in the entertainment center. Go on, sweet flat screen, and stand tall in your new habitat!

- Lovingly plugging cables back into their port homes. 

- Now turn on the TV and enjoy your favorite shows. We understand moving the TV is the worst, but having a TV makes it better!

Wrap Up

So these are the tips for how to pack a TV for moving without ending up on an episode of Destroyed in Seconds! Now sit back and binge watch something while surrounded by boxes because you earned it after all that packing work! 

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